Short films

If you have seven or eight minutes to spare then you could do a lot worse than take in a short film:

Tribeca Screening Room

I’ve only watched ‘Street Therapy’, but I really enjoyed it. I’ve always enjoyed short films. I’ve seen a few full-length feature films that would probably have been better if they’d been cut down to this length!

3 thoughts on “Short films”

  1. The technology behind this is very interesting too. The film as a Flash Video file is loaded into a shell that provides the framing interacting (explanation up front, scheduling, ratings after viewing) and a commercial.

  2. Absolutely. It’s very nice tech. I think the New York Times has been using something similar for a little while now too, creating video adverts on their pages.

    I’ve used Flash movie embedding occasionally on my site as a layer of security. It’s easy enough to get around, but will put off the casual browser.

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