Mass Moonwalk in London as a tribute to Michael Jackson

Like most people, I never met Michael Jackson, but there’s something curiously touching about seeing a thousand people’s arms go up in the air when the chorus of ‘Billie Jean’ kicks in at the flash mob-esque ‘mass moonwalk’ tribute to Michael Jackson at Liverpool Street Station in London last Friday 26th June 2009.

With the number of people there, I doubt many could actually manage to moonwalk, but I think that Jackson would have been very happy to be remembered this way, with people dancing to one of his greatest tunes and having a bloody good time.

One thought on “Mass Moonwalk in London as a tribute to Michael Jackson”

  1. Hey it was good to catch up with you at Intrusion last night, nice to see you after so many years. I literally just popped by to give you this link as I was so busy dancing I didn’t get to tell you about it. It’s called There She Is and it’s a Korean animation. It starts as a innocent love story turns into a story about what happens when society disaproves the person you fall in love with.
    I thought you might enjoy it
    See you in another couple of years 😀

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