Burning Man 2010 photos

Over the years I’ve regularly collected links to some of the best photography from the Burning Man. Most of my links come from the Burning Man’s mailing list, so if you enjoy these then you might want to look that up over on their site.

The Burning Man festival happens once a year in Nevada. It’s a crazy mix of performance art, dust, nudity, music, love, more dust, fire, self-revelation, and even more dust. It also is reasonably dangerous in that you are camping in a desert, which is not a friendly habitat. I was over there in 1999 and 2002, and I hope to go again someday.

In the meantime here are some images you might like to browse. Warning: there is some nudity (though not of a sexual nature):

A set of photos looking mostly at the attendees of Burning Man 2010, taken by Pedro Sagüés.

The essence of Burning Man in a single photo – two firespinners kissing mid-performance.

A fantastic set of images by Mr. Nightshade showing a mix of the art, sculptures, and the people of the burn.

A fun display of how one person’s art can become everyone’s canvas as a ‘Harveywood’ sign gets subverted. (The Burning Man festival was started by a man called Larry Harvey.)

And finally, if you’ve ever wondered what 51,000 people camping in a desert look like from space, here’s the answer!

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