The Burger of the Gods

Now, usually I wouldn’t post on here about what I’ve eaten, but last night I created The Burger of the Gods.

Two slices of decent wholemeal bread
Mature cheddar
Jalapeno peppers (quite a lot of these)
Anchovies (the ones in olive oil with garlic and herbs, not preserved in salt because that kills the flavour)
A decent low-fat burger (all the taste of beef but without the nasty fatty taste in the mouth afterwards that you get from the cheap burgers)
A load of salad on the side.

You might wonder how I knew that this was The Burger of the Gods, but when I created it a beam of sunlight came down through the kitchen window (which is impressive at that time of evening in an east facing kitchen) and a holy choir descended from the clouds. Between the lowest angels a banner unfurled saying ‘this is The Burger of the Gods’. That last bit was a real giveaway that I’d made something special. And lo, I did it eat, and it was good.

3 thoughts on “The Burger of the Gods”

  1. there’s a burger restaurant in canada called the works that you would probably love. you choose your burger patty, then you choose from their extensive list of topping variants. my favourite is “the sweet ride”, which has carmelized onions, brie, and a half a pear. a lot of thought and humour apparently went into the making of the menu, too, so choosing your burger is almost as fun as eating it. i don’t think they have one with sardines and jalapenos, though.

  2. Ah, sardines and anchovies are a whole different kettle of fish.

    Badum tish!

    You should suggest it to them. Very tasty.

  3. *recoils in shock at bad joke*

    I think maybe you should throw that one back, Mata 😉

    i don’t take many toppings on my burgers (usually meat is enough for my simple palate), but last year our local did an offer for the Rugby season that I couldn’t pass up; they called it the “dirty burger”.

    It came with three quarter pounder slabs of meat, cooked to a crunch in true bar-lunch style, topped with a slice of cheese each and the usual stuff on top, and a pint of lager or, more importantly, Guinness, for less than a fiver. A slight modification of my own later and I had a burger with three chunks of beef and between three and six slices of bacon along with a cold beer and a very happy bunny.

    They stopped doing them when they rugby stopped. I’ve still to forgive them 🙁

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