Giant Italian bunny!

Yes, this is precisely as it sounds, the Italians have made a huge bunny. Hurrah!

It’s 200 feet long and has been placed by a group of artists on a mountainside in the Piedmont region of Italy where it is intended to remain for the next twenty years.

The thing that troubles me about this is that it’s knitted. Do knitted items usually survive for 20 years on the side on mountains? The artists want people to climb onto it and relax, but surely it will get wet pretty easily and take a long time to dry out at an altitude of 5,000 feet? I’m not sure that they’ve thought this through.

There is also the possibility that human civilisation will end before the bunny is removed, prompting future archaeologists of the next earth civilisation to wonder what bizarre end-times cult tried to stave off the end of the world by building a huge bunny.

Am I the only person who sees things like this and wonders what future archaeologists will make of it all? We’ve probably destroyed the chances that decent written records will survive through the adoption of computers for nearly everything, so all they’ll have to go on is a multitude of plastic bags and giant bunny fibre remains.

4 thoughts on “Giant Italian bunny!”

  1. Were the artists inspired by you and Mr Floppity visitng Italy earlier in the year?

  2. I really hope human civilization doesn’t end in the next 20 years. But if it does I think it would really suck if our entire civilization was judged based on a giant bunny.

  3. CM: Don’t tell Mr Floppity that idea, he’s got enough of an inflated ego as it is!

    BESS: I can imagine ancient Egyptians viewing us now and saying similar things ‘I can’t believe everyone’s so interested in those big heaps of rocks! The irrigation system was seriously smart stuff, but do they pay any attention to that…’

  4. Close but no cigar.

    Clearly they plan to animate the bunny with their dark and ebil magicks and use it to bring about the end of the world.

    Or it could be that I have an overactive imagination. *shrugs*

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