Shock news: good words make a good impression!

The top brains at the University of Hertfordshire have come up with shocking revelation that ‘the choice of language [on application forms] generates a positive or negative impression’. Where would we be without academics, eh?

10 Best: Achievement, active, developed, evidence, experience, impact, individual, involved, planning, transferable skills
10 Worst: Always, awful, bad, fault, hate, mistake, never, nothing, panic, problems

There goes my CV then! At least I’m still allowed to write it in crayon around tea mug stains on the back of a court summons envelope.

Read the story here.

2 thoughts on “Shock news: good words make a good impression!”

  1. ‘Less common’ is only two words.

    Badum tish!

    My personal tip* is to make up the name of a device, e.g. the floogle tuner, and then say that you’re the inventor. It gives you something to talk about in the interview. Maybe this is why I’m self-employed.

    *not actually true, but sounds like a good idea.

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