Walk like an Egyptian zombie thing…

Well… Walk like a mummy, but in modern clothing… Okay, that was just a rubbish excuse for a catchy topic title.


Zombiewalk.com organise get-togethers of people who dress up like zombies them shamble through cities scaring the bejeezus out of everyone. Personally I have a bit of a fear of zombies (it’s more rational than having a fear of spiders – spiders are all over the place so being afraid of them is just impractical!), but the whole idea sounds very amusing to me!

Here’s a great photo of a recent walk
. Doesn’t it look fun? If anyone decides to go along to one of these please take some photos and let me see them!

4 thoughts on “Walk like an Egyptian zombie thing…”

  1. it amuses and even excites me that the photo you linked to is of the zombie walk in my hometown. (ottawa, canada)

    i was going to go on this zombie walk, but i was sadly out of town that weekend. it looked like great fun, though! next year…

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