Zombie cheerleader rampage!

Hurrah for Lordi (US link UK link), the barking mad rockers from Finland who are representing their country at this year’s Eurovision ‘Song’ Contest.


Any band that releases an album called ‘The Arockalypse’ gets my vote.

For people in the US who might not have heard of the Eurovision, it’s a big song contest where each country pretends to try and win, but actually only wants to give that impression because it costs millions to host and if you win then you host it next year. Ireland learnt this the hard way after winning three years in a row; their entry the year after was so bad that there was no way they were seriously trying to take part. The usual result is a bunch of below-average song-writing, passionate performances, and lots of dancers to make the whole thing seem more impressive. Every year someone (usually a country from northern Europe, who have developed a bleak sense of humour after several centuries of living in northern Europe) will put in a novelty act for a bit of a laugh. This year we have Lordi, but I’ve got a feeling that they stand a good chance of winning!

The Eurovision defintely needs more zombie rampages, and Lordi might just be the people to provide them.

5 thoughts on “Zombie cheerleader rampage!”

  1. Brilliant! You’ve got to love the Icelanders; any nation that will reroute roads around big stones because pixies live in them is always going to produce some interesting people.

  2. Pixies are as good a reason as any.
    I am so looking forward to this! And I want to be in a zombie rampage. Maybe next time there’s another war protest march (they occur like monthly in my hometown) we could zombie rampage through. That’d get em some publicity!

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