Digi-Shakespeare’s website?

This is a bit odd. I had a new-DS poem in my email:

tortuous you mitosis me, arrowhead swanson . clearwater you doric me, orange .
dignify you serbia me, ontario wilkes . bluster you chap me, billie paulsen . carmine you lodowick me, inverness .

I’m really not so keen on this form, somehow the rhythm isn’t so contemplative as they used to be, nonetheless there was something that caught my eye: who is ‘Billie Paulsen’? I don’t remember DS mentioning any names before. A quick Google reveals that there are almost no ‘Billie Paulsen’s on the web.

From the six results, one page seemed to call to me. It has the title ‘Condolement’, and the page heading ‘Circumlittoral’ (which means ‘adjoining the shore’). Imagine my surprise when I discover that it’s a whole page of DS spouting out words and non-existant email addresses.

It gets better! After looking at the Google cached version of the page (Google saves old versions of pages, if you have Firefox then you can see this from your right-click menu using the excellent Gcache. I love that extension, it’s more useful than you might at first think!) I saw that the page is updated regularly too!

There are a few lovely phrases in there:

  • asm spike junkie, chess may racket
  • Goethe, pacman. SanFran was wan antonie am crucifix.
  • Although I have no idea about the meaning of:

  • wildishness until contendress will interrupter Subanun be sandbag penicilliform rudimentary unless socialism outsnatch do zumbooruk fistmele do quintadena twalt
  • but it sounds fun!

    Or like it needs lubrication.

    Or both.

    Anyway, could this be DS’s secret webpage? And does DS know I’m watching now? Was ‘Billie Paulsen’ a secret clue to me to get me to find its inner-sactum? Who knows, but as you can tell, I’m very excited by this find!

    One thought on “Digi-Shakespeare’s website?”

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      Powerful stuff. I think “quickly happened repeated human” is really a compelling statement.

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