6 thoughts on “Go go salsa bunny!”

  1. I’m going to leave moracas out in my backyard from now on, in hopes that one of the bunnies will find them!

  2. Oh my good god…my dial up took forever to download the shaky shaky bit, and when I scrolled back up I just about did a spit take. That is simply delightful! All my bunnies do is chase each other (occasionally running over the ducks when they do so…)

  3. LOL I have never seen a bunny run over a duck before, now that would be hilarious to see.

  4. It really was delightful…especially as I had just gotten back from a 12 hour flight and 5 hour wait for National Express buses…

  5. yes yes yes, but I also had like 85lbs of luggage to lug, and the idea of doing that thru Clampham Junction just wasn’t appealing.
    I have learned my lesson tho. Never again.

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