New Doctor Who tonight

I like charity as much as the next sensible person (did I just describe myself as sensible? *shudders*) but I think that Children In Need has to be some bizarre form of punishment sent by the gods upon uncharitable people that accidentally inflicts itself on everyone else. It’s a bit like passover where you didn’t get the ‘blood on the door’ memo. Personally I’d happily pay them to not show it.

Anyway, slightly bizarre metaphors aside, during the hell-of-televisions that is Children In Need on BBC1, tonight they will be showing a new epsiode of Doctor Who. It’ll be the first episode featuring the new Doctor, David Tennant, and it bridges the gap between the last episode of last series and the Christmas special that will be shown next Easter.* The planned time for its showing is 9pm, but, being one of those charity-telethon thingys, that time might move around a bit. This does mean that fans are going to have to suffer some ‘hilarious’ and ‘worthwhile’ programming before seeing the thing we’re interested in. Oh well.

*Not really. They’re showing it next Halloween instead.

3 thoughts on “New Doctor Who tonight”

  1. there should be a national poll to decide which telethon is the worst. the choices: children in need or comic relief. both shows designed for old ladys who are fetishists of men like terry wogan. On a lighter note though atleast at the end of the day it helps fight A.I.Ds.

  2. Yep, charity things are all good, but they make awful television.

    The Doctor Who thing was a bit annoying in the end: it was only a ‘new scene’. It’s probably going to be shown at the start of the Christmas special anyway, so there wasn’t really much point in enduring a duet between Peter Andre and Jordan (although she did prove to have a surprisingly good voice, probably on account of having to have good lungs to not suffocate herself if she lies on her back). Oh well.

  3. I really would’nt mind telethons if all of it was comedy as (although that sometimes falls flat also)

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