Things to do when bored in a queue

Build a fort with your shopping:
Shopping fort

That’ll see off the barbarian invaders. In case you’re having trouble making it out, here’s a structural view:
Shopping fort

The checkout assistant thought that we were a little daft.

6 thoughts on “Things to do when bored in a queue”

  1. Harrumph, rich PhD students, with your ability to buy Pringles and flowers and brand name products. And with Tesco nearer than Morrisons, who are just evil and *twitches* I rarely have enough shopping to build anything, cos I have to carry it home and stretch my arms all out of shape.

    *hates the supermarket shop, in case you can’t tell… And is also out of food*

  2. We had a friend over so we were buying more expensive food than usual (that brand stuff costs a fortune, it’s no wonder I don’t usually get it), and heavier stuff too. I don’t drive so I also have to carry the shopping home and can sympathise with your arm stretching!

  3. The one consolation is that it’s downhill on the way home. My flat is about as far from any external door as you can get though. The only one further is next door, which is about an additional three steps. I’m just glad I didn’t have to do it on crutches for eight weeks, unlike my flatmate (she told us on the first evening that it’s lucky there’s a hospital just around the corner, cos she’s seriously accident prone, then two days later knocked a knife out of a cupboard into her foot and severed three tendons).

    Morrisons are evil. They either are rubbish at labelling what’s suitable for veggies or slip meat into the most random things. It’s not like you can trust that it’s not meaty if it shouldn’t be though, cos their kidney beans in water are labelled as ‘suitable for vegetarians’ but the ones in chile sauce aren’t, so clearly their’s beef flavoiuring or something in them, but they just write ‘flavourings’ on the labels, or e numbers, so there’s no way of knowing. All their mousses are made with pork gelatine too. I can’t afford branded mousse. And their pizza- *stops self there….*

  4. That thing about the knife was very traumatic to read first thing in the morning.

    The meat flavouring was probably in the chille sauce.

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