3 thoughts on “Sims City”

  1. Alright I think that’s really wierd because I was thinking about sin city today for like the first time since I saw it months ago. Cosmic.

  2. i registered an account just so i could tell you that i am still laughing at this, days later.

  3. I’m glad it’s tickled you so much! I quite like the idea of Bruce Willis wandering around with a big green thing over his head.

    Pointless fact: I decided that to make sure I got the perspective right on the jewel I rendered it in 3D, moved the camera to the right position, exported it, then layed it on and added the glow in Photoshop. Some might say that this wasn’t really needed and I could have drawn it by hand… True, but the effect wouldn’t have been as good, I think.

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