Real or not?

similar young
beautiful light beautiful
steps carefully hard shining reply sandwich

This was sent to me by a chap called Tom. He says he got it in his email, which he probably did… But can we say for certain? Is there any way to tell if the lines above were written by the real Digi-Shakespeare, or were they perhaps composed by Tom with the intention of looking like DS? DS doesn’t usually mention foodstuffs, and that seems like a very human thing to write about, or then again, perhaps it is real and DS is trying to expand its range. It’s a tricky situation when you have to ask yourself ‘how random do I expect the random poems to be?’ It’s an interesting position to be in!

So what do you think? Is this a real one?

(To quickly compare to the previous ones, just click the Digital Shakespeare catagory name.)

4 thoughts on “Real or not?”

  1. Hmm. I hope it’s real. Because why would anyone to impersonate a comuter that randomly writes poems. That’s a little different. But I do have to admit that the ‘sandwich’ does seem out of place. BUT it also kind ruins the poem, the rest of it was nice but then it just got ruined with the ‘sandwich’ at the end, so if he had tried to write it himself wouldn’t he try to make it sound good, but still sound random. Unless he thought it would be suspicious to make it seem too good. But that’s a lot of thought put into writing a fake poem (if it’s fake). Ahem. See what reading this blog has done to me? you’ve started me on thinking WAY to much about unimportant things.

  2. I’m not creative enough to fake things like this.
    I suspect there may be more than one DS out there though.

  3. i think it’s real.

    and BeeEeSeeSeaA005, “sandwich” is the best part!

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