3 thoughts on “Spot the difference – Hurricane Katrina coverage”

  1. Note that the two pictures come from different news sources. It’s possible that people at said sources wrote the captions. It’s also possible (since they seem to be coming from different places on the site) that different employees wrote the captions. I prefer to assume good faith.

  2. I also prefer to assume good faith, and I had noticed the different locations and sources. Even with good faith in mind, I still found it interesting so I put it on here.

    I like things that make me ponder whether I’m being paranoid or if there really is a bit of a sub-dialogue popping up in the flotsam. It’s from looking at fragments that sometimes bigger pictures form, but until that happens they still remain intriguing and interesting fragments due to the competing interpretations that they suggest.

  3. Speaking as someone who grew up in Louisiana and has now fled and lives in the UK….my first thought was that the white people featured in the first picture “found” their items whilst the black person in the second picture “looted” his. That is a very typical belief system held by many people. But as the reports have shown with the looting and escalating violence that it is not completely true.

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