The Brave Duckling

Okay, the music for the new Mittens is taking longer than expected, so here’s another quickie:

The Brave Duckling

I could do with as many hits as possible at the moment, so please pass this on to friends who you think might like it.

As a tip for anyone who might be wondering how to get the ‘wobbly outline’ effect I’ve used in this animation, rather than drawing the whole thing twice simply add a new keyframe in the timeline of the object, select the lines you want to wobble then use Modify>Shape>Optimise… . Have a look to see how many curves it alters and adjust the optimisation to fit with the look you want. If you don’t like it youcan always Ctrl+Z back and try again.

5 thoughts on “The Brave Duckling”

  1. That one was worse than the one about clive. I mean worse in the “I just got everyone in the computer room looking at me as if I’m some kind of wierdo for laughing loudly at the computer” kind of way.

  2. Hi Mata, the baby duckling link doesn’t seem to be working. Thought I’d let you know. Have a good one!


  3. Thanks Ryn, I’ve fixed it now 🙂

    Tom, I’m always happy to help with making people think you’re odd.

  4. Didn’t work for me when I got the email, but worked a little later when I checked the blog…… maybe it’d been fixed by then I suppose.

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