Digi-Shakespeare buys a sandwich!

taste luck taken opened book.
better changed studied across?
inside carefully steps met stopping. stopping respect matter sandwich worthy choose.
pay appear twenty-one may taste.
sorry advantage studied appearance fail.

After being away for a while, DS strikes back with a bold five line poem about buying a sandwich. Hm. Not really one of his/her classics, is it? I think the three-line ones are better.

5 thoughts on “Digi-Shakespeare buys a sandwich!”

  1. And it sounds like DS was a bit disappointed with its sandwich – looked great, but fell short of expectations…

  2. It’s a tragedy that we can all relate to. It’s not called Digital Shakespeare for nothing, you know.

  3. I suppose that’ll teach it to stop skiving off its studies, eh? Pull your socks up, DS!

  4. Oh, how I’ve missed DS. Even if a sandwich tragedy is all we get, it’s good to have you back.

  5. Ok, maybe im just really slow or not culturally up-to-date.. but, i dont get it.

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