Halloween animation time – Something In Throats

It’s all gone a bit creepy at Matazone Towers:

Something In Throats

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Well, it’s 7am here. I’ve worked on this animation solidly for a silly amount of hours, so now I think I really should try and get some sleep.

‘Night all!

4 thoughts on “Halloween animation time – Something In Throats”

  1. You know, an average person will swallow about 5 spiders in their lifetime while they sleep.

  2. But most spiders won’t drag our bleeding bodies. Be thankful for that.

  3. I’d heard it was 8 spiders every year! Although what sort of sick scientist is doing sleep studies, spots a spider on its way to the mouth then doesn’t mention it to the subject but instead lets them chow down on arachnid goodness?

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