Circlefish – a new game

Circlefish Flash game

It’s simple to play, just use the arrow keys to guide your dot and collect the numbers in the right order. If you hit the wrong number you have to start again. It’s as easy as that… In theory!

As always, if you like it, please pass the link on to friends or forums you’re on.

Have fun!

It seems that there might have been some problems with a password protection system interfering with my shop but that should be fixed now, so if you tried buying something before please pop back and give it another go.

Additionally, if you dislike Paypal, I’m in the process of getting full credit card facilities set up so people don’t have to use Paypal anymore. That’s a few weeks away yet, but I thought I’d keep you posted.

While I’m here, don’t forget to start shopping trips to Amazon .com and from the search boxes on my site! Thank you!


Right, I’m off to work on the introduction to my thesis for a while. It’s the last chapter I’ve got left to write. It’s very exciting to at last be so close to finishing!

2 thoughts on “Circlefish – a new game”

  1. I have loved this site for ages now and not only seen it as a collection of very funny satire but also as an inspiration. Your documented thoughts about your PHD thesis keep me wanting to push my intelectual boundaries also. I thank you Mata.

  2. I don’t write as much about my PhD on here as I thought I would when I started this blog. I think I might treat this as an escape of sorts so I don’t mix business with pleasure (although I think I’d be hard pressed to decide which is which!).

    It’s nice to hear that my animations have inspired you. That’s really what all my stuff is about; trying to get more ideas into the world.

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