XBox 360 updates the blue screen of death

The blue screen of death, AKA BSOD, is the page that appears whenever Micro$oft Windows crashes. Fortunately, with Windows XP this has become a far less common event, although still by no means unknown. It’s basically a bright blue screen with a basic font error message, telling you that your machine has died and giving you a reference number that means nothing to you at all and usually isn’t very helpful.

It’s nice to see then that the XBox 360 has a had a bit more thought put into it’s version of the BSOD, with a multi-lingual generic error message and a large pinstripe effect in the background. Have a look for yourself.

It rather worrying really that only a couple of days after the machine’s US release that there are already quite a few errors being reported. The usual ‘it’s not as next-generation as I expected’ complaints are standard, but it seems unusual for consoles to have problems loading software at the time of release. It may simply be that this is a major launch, with a huge amount of hype, all happening in an age of massive instant internet feedback. Even if 0.001% of machines have problems it can still seem like a massive issue if those people go online to a few notable forums.

Still, it’s nice that the BSOD has had some design work put into it! 😀

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Xbox 360 BSOD info source here.

3 thoughts on “XBox 360 updates the blue screen of death”

  1. On the subject on gaming i’m very pleased that mariokart ds is released tommorow and with its wi-fi feature people here in England can beat people in China. If it works aswell as Nintendo say it does then this will be amassive achievment for gaming.

  2. Well, if it’s going to be a screen of Death, it should at least look good.

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