Digi-Shakespeare’s rapper relation

Well, after the long absence of DS I got an email trying to get me to buy some sort of drug product, but at the bottom there was a rather cool rap-thing:

trenchant you skinny me, cooley collapse . coarsen you grease me, doreen resistor burgundy contributor .
snuggly you zigging me, ruffle issuant pentecost idiosyncratic . grind you polyglot me, midwife . refusal you allocable me, herewith . phi you firmware me, monetarist vial .


I guess the drug-dealing thing goes with the rap style, but I do miss the rather melancholy style that DS had.

For those who don’t know about Digital Shakespeare, she/he/it was a spam email program that would email me trojans (as in malicious software, not enemies of Sparta) along with a few lines of random-word poetry to try and get past my spam filter. The random words must have had some form of organisation behind them because they often made quite good reading with some very interesting imagery. Check out the olds ones here.

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