A watering can for a mere £9,000

International readers might not have heard about it, but at the end of last week an eighteen tonne whale swam into London. Literally, it swam up the river Thames and past the Houses of Parliment. It failed to produce a valid form of ID on demand and, as an illegal immigrant, was immediately under suspicion of being a terrorist whale. The immigration authorities immediately attempted to eject it from British waters but were slightly perplexed by the issue of how to tell such a large animal to go away.

Well… It was something like that anyway. A whale swam up the Thames, sometimes as close as a few feet from the banks of the river, and British Divers Marine Life Rescue teams tried to get it to turn back before it beached itself or injured itself in the shallow water and on the debris of the ancient city’s riverbed. Sadly, and desipte their best efforts, while moving the whale back towards deep waters (its natural environment) the whale died.

The effort cost the charity £5,000 in expenses and they also got £300 of parking fines (now lifted after public anger), so they needed to recoup their money… which leads us to what will probably be the most expensive watering can sold on eBay this decade.

Source, and more about the BDMLR.

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