I’ve finished my thesis!

It’s 1:04am and I finished my thesis at 7:30pm yesterday evening. I’m now slightly tipsy.

This is not copy editted, and one chapter hasn’t been approaved by my tutors, but the thesis is done and I’m happy with it. No doubt it will probably need a little tweak here and there, but essentially the majority of the whole shebang is over. Hurrah!

13 thoughts on “I’ve finished my thesis!”

  1. hoooorah 🙂

    I’m really pleased for you ~happy dance~

  2. Ooo, around six and a half years, if you include the time before I was officially registered on the course. Actual time registered is just over five years.

  3. /me high fives

    Go Team Thesis Finishing Mata!

    That’s real good to hear. I hope the tweeking goes smoothly and that.


  4. Well done!

    Although….It has been a long time since you posted this….Its all gone quiet.


  5. Hmmm…. apparently this deletes HTML tags…and ate the last half of my message

  6. I think it is occasionally a bit strict about HTML for the sake of security. I wouldn’t want someone opening a frame into a Trojan site!

    It’s been a bit quiet while I’ve been working out what to do with my life next and I was away at a funeral.

  7. mata, as someone who’s just completed the whole process, I have to say, well done. Bloody hard work, isn’t it? Completely dumbfounded that you managed to do a PhD part-time and do all the cool stuff on here. Total kudos to you.

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