Digi-Shakespeare: back on form

hat wish proud second pronunciation occasion
convenient independent
latter miles seven

I think that’s got to be one of the best so far. For some reason there’s a feeling of sadness about it.

Maybe the reason I like these things is that the idea of finding beauty in odd places appeals to me. I don’t think that the universe we live in often gives us good reasons for the way things happen. People struggle through their lives and die unexpectedly, and part of being human is trying to make sense of it all. I don’t pretend to have the answers, and I’ve not heard any convincing ones suggested yet, but for me seeing beauty in the eye of the storm is what makes it worthwhile.

8 thoughts on “Digi-Shakespeare: back on form”

  1. I’m a tad bit confused…
    Exactly how are you making this awesome spammage poetry?

  2. There is one particular junk email that I get. I think it has a piece of trojan software attached to it and simply arrives with the subject ‘hi’. The email simply contains the poems and the attachment, nothing else like some bizarre digital haiku to try and convince me to infect my computer. It’s really rather odd!

    I was a little worried that they’d stopped, I haven’t had one for a few days, but then this one turned up. Hopefully it was just having a break to refresh its creative spirit!

  3. Thats just beautiful.

    I do the looking for beauty in odd places thing.

    On a similar vien, In the middle of crowded newcastle, there is a small patch of green around the civic centre. On that small area, a colony of bunnies seem to now live. I find this simply amasing.

    I only noticed because I stopped to look at all the half dead bushes that surround the building, and noticed something move among them.

    I often wonder if anyone else has noticed, they’re not hard to spot, but people just seem to walk on by and not pay attention. It makes me wonder if they all already know, and it doesn’t interest them, or if they’re just too wrapped up in they’re own little worlds to notice!

  4. “blithë yng and middle-åged dãmes requìre open pártners


    husbandry practicable analyses wolve tabula”
    This was in an e-mail I recieved today. The wolve tabula bit intrigued me. Isn’t tabula a greek dish made with couscous?

  5. I’ve not heard of the Greek dish, but tabula means several things (a table of contents, display for documents, or simply a tablet or piece of wood with something recorded on it) so it could be something else too! There’s also ‘tabula rasa’ which basically means ‘a clean slate’, in other words ‘to begin again from new’.

    The bunnies thing sounds nice. I was walking up the road just a few minutes ago and the sunlight was coming through the trees in a really beautiful way. It’s good to notice the small things.

  6. I live in a small village out in the sticks, which has a shop that is run by a couple like the couple off “The League Of Gentlemen”, and it is almost beccoming like The Truman Show. Nearly everyone who lives in the village does the same thing every morning, and every evening. Nothing to do with spam poetry, but the observational bit is a link of sorts…

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