4 thoughts on “Holly matrimony”

  1. This is a very random and strange picture. Which is why I love it!

  2. Not yet, but I’m finishing my thesis this weekend. It’ll go off to the examiners sometime in the next week, then they examine me by interview, a ‘viva’ (pronounced ‘vy-va’), then if I pass that first time I am officially a doctor.

    The liklihood is that I won’t pass first time, and that they will request ‘minor changes’. Apparently only about 5% pass first time. ‘Minor changes’ means that I have to go away and add a few things, or take out a few things. That takes up to six months, but I can resubmit any time during that period. If everything is done to their satisfaction then I am immediately entitled to call myself ‘doctor’.

    At the very earliest, it will be a bit over a month, but more likely it will be a few months yet… But I’m very close!

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