The most beautiful thing ever

My thesis

It might not look like much, but that’s my thesis. It’s done!

My thesis

I handed it in today, and I’m very pleased indeed.

Oh yes, and ‘Matazone’ is also now legally one of my middle names 🙂

Go me!

EDIT: In case you can’t read it, the title says ‘Hidden Cyberspace: Narrative and Identity in the Work of William Gibson’. That’s the final title that was settled on. I needed three copies for the examiners; it’s not in three volumes!

13 thoughts on “The most beautiful thing ever”

  1. The subtle curves, the manilla covers, the way it catches the light… In 400 years people will write ‘The Matazone Code’, a book about the hidden meaning in this picture, except we all know that the sublime truth can never be expressed in earthly words.

  2. Yay, well done 🙂

    What are you going to do with all your time now?!!!

  3. Well done mata! It is a thing of beuty and a thing to be proud of.

  4. 😀

    That’s all I can say, seeing as I know far too little of William Gibson. Plus I’m tired.

    Good luck though!

  5. Thanks everyone!

    With my time, I am now working on a couple of new sites for clients. I’m also doing illustrations for a friend’s book. I will be making some new animations for this site, as well as keeping up making new puzzles for .

  6. ^_^ w007!! Congrats Mata! I hope they like it! And even though you have no idea who I am I am very proud of you… Wow, I’m a dork.

  7. Well done. It’s a great feeling to hold it in your hands after all that work, right? At least that was the moment when I knew mine was ready. Looking forward to the new animations 🙂

  8. After that deep a study of one author, have you considered Mastermind? Surely you must be able to recite at last half of the Sprawl Trilogy by now.

  9. I can do a decent recitation of the first page of Neuromancer, but I know them in a non-literal kind of way. There are minor characters that I have patchy memory for the names of, but I can tell you their thematic importance!

  10. Okay, I think it’s sorta sad now that on my myspace (yes, pelt me with stones now) pics, I have a pic of bourbon, also called “the most beautiful thing ever”.
    Somehow it doesn’t have the same effect…
    Someday I’ll be a doctor too Mata, and then you’ll see…

  11. That is Great news!! Congratulations on finishing your thesis, and I must say I just looked up the person you wrote it on, and now I must look into him further. Sounds like you’ve got a great subject in that and you definitely picked an amazing major. Good luck with your examiners. And keep us informed if you will be releasing that as a book because I would be interested in getting a copy.

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