Clive the Giant Amoeba

This was actually going to be just a short picture of an awkward situation. The idea initially was to illustrate the problems of multi-species alien ballroom dancing.

Now I put it like that, it sounds very odd. It made perfect sense when I was thinking about it in the shower this morning.

Anyway, I worked with the idea for a while, trying to work out the best way to get the situation across as fast as possible in one image. I then decided that perhaps it would be better to have a few frames, those frames then led to the short poem, which led to the very silly animation. Have fun with Clive the Giant Amoeba!

4 thoughts on “Clive the Giant Amoeba”

  1. “It made perfect sense when I was thinking about it in the shower this morning.”

    Very much know that feeling. Just had to write a piece of assembly code for my degree. Had it all worked out in my head in the shower this morning. 2 hours later….

  2. It’s about time I got a waterproof notepad. The amount of things I work out in the shower to promptly forget as soon as I step out is just huge.

    I’m sure someone must have invented that sort of thing already.

  3. Try dry-wipe markers. As far as I know they’re waterproof, and wipe easily off bath/shower surfaces. So you could write it, and then copy it down later…..

  4. I think the showers the best place to come up with idea’s, I know thats where alot of mine come about or get refined. I actually came up with something today in the shower to do with a business project Wyvern and me are working on. But I’m not sure writting them down on the wall’s would be a good idea considering some of the stuff I come up with. It might put put me a lot closer to that nice comfy padded cell than I already am. 🙂

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