Mod scene hits the PS3 with Unreal Tournament 3

I’ve always been intrigued by the modding scene, where players of games go into the code and make their own levels, or sometimes entirely new games using the existing technology, but I’ve never really had a PC that could run them. I tried to get loads of mods (modifications) working on Quake, many years ago, but they never seemed to run for some reason.

I’m very happy to see that this is now going to be possible on the PS3, so clever amateurs can make whatever they want, and it will work on my console without me having to pay the world to get a good PC to run it all. Hurrah!

Essentially, you’ll make the mod, or download someone else’s, save it onto a portable RAM stick-drive (the type that seems to be everywhere and are getting very cheap these days), plug it into your PS3 with Unreal Tournament 3 running and you’re away…

Well, that’s what it says over here. Very cool stuff, a big win for console owners, and an even bigger one for Sony (this doesn’t work yet on the Xbox 360, although I’m sure it will come eventually).

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