I hope not to continue in the ‘tempest,’ against the dead

I get so much spam that it’s lovely when I occasionally get something with entertaining random text. Could this be the old Digital Shakespeare trying it’s virtual hand at prose?

Hohe hoholulu

Much better after coffee and eggs and bacon. Murder pleasantly,
that anything you say will be taken and i’m perfectly certain
that he drinks. He’s her an examination, then sat back in
his chair not a year older than her friend, looked like
in the stocks to dry. John swore to revenge horribly but
you must realise that this murder is very led me to a little
wooden frame which hung against would be out of place. When
the millionaire spoke, nodded. What do you think, my little
one? He inquired, she doesn’t understand violence.’ ‘carrie
louise the ‘tempest’? I hope not to continue in the ‘tempest,’
against the dead, resumed mrs. Percy rapidly, countries.
that was the stage to set. But behind so that the roses
in her large hat almost brushed.

2 thoughts on “I hope not to continue in the ‘tempest,’ against the dead”

  1. You know, I have some DigiShakespeare that I’ve left in my inbox for months now. I just can’t bear to part with it.

    The subject line is:
    Behavior is what a man does, not what he thinks, feels, or believes

    And the body of the e-mail:
    Some kind of a comedian, are we?
    To lengthen thy Life, lessen thy meals.
    Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith let us dare to do our duty as we understand it.
    If you don’t make things happen then things will happen to you.

    That was the whole message, too. No attachments, no real spam. It was the most random thing I’ve ever received. Poetic, too!

  2. That’s rather nice. DigiShakespeare has been a bit quiet lately, so it’s nice to know that he/she/it is still out there, crating random proverbs for us.

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