8 thoughts on “Chicken Tunafish Gopher”

  1. dunno if it’s intentional, but it brings to mind an animation of the “badger badger badger” variety. also amusing and strangely addictive.

  2. I figured it would, purely by virtue of being non-sensical and repetitive, and repetitive.

    It’s actually a very different beast, which happens to have a similar impact on the mind. It’s not intentional!

    I was originally going to be making it using samples from The Matrix and O Brother Where Art Thou (hence the choice of words) but I couldn’t get decent movie clips for the bit that I wanted, so I gave up and recorded it all myself.

  3. That’s really annoying. It’s as bad as giraffe humor!

    Any chance of a copy of the sound track. I just had a great idea how to really really annoy one of my friends.

  4. I think if I saw a tunafish that was twice as big as a chicken flying through the sky… I’d start looking around for Mata. Or gophers.

    P.S. I’d also be really scared.

  5. Tuna fish are scary.
    Tom Green (of the Canadian comedian variety) once took a tunafish sandwich to the captain of a cruise liner at about 2 o’clock in the morning- but it was just that; two slices of bread with a whole tuna fish inside it.

    I found this just tops the list of tuna-humour related things I have seen. Which is many…

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