Get Google Earth

If you’ve not played with this yet then you really have to.

Basically it’s a map of the planet, constructed from satellite photos. It takes a moment to download the new images, but it lets you download pictures of pretty much everywhere around the world in incredible detail.

Not only is big brother watching you, but so too could be you mother, father, and a whole host of complete strangers. I’ve not checked to see how often it updates, but if anyone knows how ‘live’ this is I’d be interested to hear.

5 thoughts on “Get Google Earth”

  1. I hadn’t noticed that.

    As much as I don’t like the execution of Windows as a piece of software, I do appreciate the convenience of most things working on it with relatively few struggles.

  2. Mata,

    It is safe to say that the satellite pictures are not being updated by minutes or even daily or anything like that. I looked up my university online and noticed that a building was missing that they have been putting up this year.

    Something else that is interesting–apparently sites are not blocked. I looked at the white house and lots of DC, I am now wondering if I could look at the same for London and some of the Area 51 sites in the US.

  3. Good stuff. Nice to know people aren’t looking through my window all the time. Except for the people in the office across the road.

    You can look at Area 51 and see the massive runway, but not in great detail. I think it’s one of the default locations of interest.

  4. you don’t have to download it, you can do the same thing at (click on the satellite function, top right corner).
    a friend of mine compiled a great list of places you can visit, including area 51, on his blog.

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