Don’t call your teddy Muhammad in Sudan

Completely and utterly insane.

A British school teacher has been arrested in Sudan accused of insulting Islam’s Prophet, after she allowed her pupils to name a teddy bear Muhammad.

Ms Gibbons’ punishment could be up to six months in jail, 40 lashes or a fine.

Religion had already gone mad. This is just corroboration.

Read more on BBC news here.

5 thoughts on “Don’t call your teddy Muhammad in Sudan”

  1. …and I’m glad you said “religion.” I’m tired of the racism I see (especially on the internets) about those “crazy muslims.” I’m just as scared of those crazy christians as those crazy muslims.

    Bill (NYC)

  2. This hardly makes any sense, people name their children Muhammed in the middle east. The schools been closed as well, so now their are confused, traumatised children without an education.

  3. @Bill: I’m scared of crazy humans generally, religion just seems to be the icing on the cake of insanity that bakes inside us. Maybe it’s our biology – we start off as animals where everything is about eating, territory, and mating rights, then suddenly we go an develop consciousness. We’re all so concerned about ‘what it means’ that we lose sight of the simple motivations that still bubble deep inside, leading some utterly bizarre results.

    @Michael: I know! I’ve known a few of guys called Muhammed over the years, and I don’t think anyone imprisoned their parents for choosing that name for their child!

  4. It’s all got way out of control over there. I really hoped that this would be resolved quickly, as did the government of Sudan – this is making them look very bad internationally.

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